At M&A Webster Builders our service is to you, our client, from day one. As a small builder we not only build homes but partnerships. We like to sit down with you at the start and get to know each other. Michael Webster, Founder and Owner of M&A Webster Builders, is your point of contact from start to finish. Throughout every aspect of your house build, Michael is the one contact you will need in your phone. You will meet with Michael and our draughtsman to help finalise your design and then he will run through the process of planning, engineering and 6* energy ratings. Next you have the choice of either completing a full prestart, or you can wait and make those decisions as and the house progresses. You can walk through the house with our electrician and decide where you want the power points and lights to be, you can choose your doors, your tapware, your fittings in the actual environment they will end up in. Real life, real 3D! We will also give you a guideline as to each step in the contract, so you know what is happening next in the process.